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Shell Deli Cafe

DELI CAFE, is fueled by the none oil business of Shell. The orginal concept was to create a Shell owned coffee brand and coffee shop.

We developed two concepts, one that was closer to what consumers want from a short stop at a gas station, and one that was more rooted in the brand of Shell. Being the trusted high performance partner for you and your car.

Creative Idea : "Breathing Space" / "Expresso"

The upper section features the concept of “Breathing Space” where consumers want green trees and fresh air + a cool homy environment that makes them feel welcome and relaxed.

The lower portion is closer to the Shell brand personality. The concept here was “Expresso” which was a direct interpretation of high performance, speed and very precise profesional service. Along with the coffee brand we also created all the materials for Thailands first all V-POWER gas station catering only to those that value their cars and feel that higher spending results in better performance for their cars.

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